The Need for Career Planning

The word CAREER PLANNING sounds rather serious, nevertheless it is a necessity for the modern day students who are on the threshold of their lives.

Career choice in their lives is more or less irrevocable.

Given the complex socio-economic scenario prevailing in the world today, it is of utmost importance that a student chooses his career according to his aptitudes, interests, personality, and preferences.

He should know what he is good at and pursue that option. Opting for a career in which one is not suitable result in frustration, lack of required performance at work, and consequently living an unsatisfactory life.

Choosing a career or being sure of one’s career goals is also important from the point of view of choosing the right course of study at important crossroads in one’s life like after passing the secondary examination, after passing the higher secondary examination, and after passing the graduation examination.

Given the scenario in education today where options are aplenty, each option leading to a particular career path, choosing the right option is critical. A wrong option can lead to loss of valuable years and wastage of a lot of money.

In this context career planning is an important process that can help individuals choose careers that are satisfying and rewarding. It involves insights (about oneself - aptitudes, interests and personality), exploration (about jobs, careers), and decision-making (choices about courses to do, careers to pursue and jobs to accept).

It is a process that should start in senior school as pursuing one’s ultimate career goals depends a lot on the stream of study one chooses in higher secondary school or the course of study one chooses after higher secondary. The system of education in school should facilitate the process of career planning, as perhaps no one will deny that purpose of education today is about securing a successful and satisfying career.  

Good career planning can lead to a successful and satisfying career. Those who do not plan their careers are usually stressed from working in fields they do not like, and students waste time and money pursuing educational areas in which they have no interest. The decisions we make about careers are critical to our sense of well being. Satisfaction in our work can be a key ingredient to our feelings of self-worth.

Conversely, excessive stress on the job can interfere with our health and personal relationships. A person who balances work with life roles finds fulfillment in the work place as well as in his or her other life roles as citizen, student, parent, etc.

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