Niki BararJun 23, 2011
is there a separate course to be a production engineer? can i become one after doing my 12th in scie...
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Niki Barar - thanks so much guys...great...now if anyone knows if i should do it in India or abroad??
Jun 23, 2011

YoungBuzz Counselor - @niki_barar: Production Engineering can be pursued after you complete 12th with Science (PCM). To pursue it in India, you'll have to give the various entrance exams for the various engineering institutes. Production engineering involves the design, control, and continuous improvement of integrated systems in order to provide customers with high-quality goods and services in a timely, cost-effective manner. It is an interdisciplinary area requiring the collaboration of individuals trained in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, product design, marketing, finance, and corporate planning. Job opportunities will be in manufacturing and production sectors primarily. There are various institutes in India like the IITs, NITs which offer this course. You can take a call of going abroad or studying here taking into consideration all the factors like the syllabus, where you plan to work after you complete your education etc.

YoungBuzz Counselor
Jun 25, 2011

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