Could you tell me what my options are if I pursue a career in Arts? Everybody is saying that there is very little scope in Arts. Is it true? What should I choose in Arts?
You haven’t mentioned what are you studying now – SSC, HSC, BA? The options open to you will depend on the answers to the above questions. In general, however, after studying Arts you could be a psychologist, economist, sociologist, historian, population scientist, social worker, get into the civil services, take up research, teach, do a degree in management or go into fields like Law, CA (Chartered Accountancy) and so on. Thus, as against popular belief, even after taking Arts - you have a lot of options. However, a great deal depends on your interest and aptitude. Taking aptitude, interest and personality tests would help you know more about yourself as well as the fields you are most likely to succeed in. Choose your field according to your abilities.