How do I go about contacting Australian Universities for admission? And what time of the year is the best to apply?
The educational institutions in Australia have two intakes, i.e. February and July each year for most courses. However, some specialised courses have only one intake. So if you have decided on your course option, write to the university/college offering the programme of your choice and procure application materials. If you are short of time, you could use the downloadable application form, if available. You then have to compile the required documents and mail the completed package to meet the institution’s deadline. Therefore it is advisable that you start these formalities at least 12 months prior to the start date of the programme. Please note that a) you need to register and prepare to take the English language proficiency test i.e. TOEFL or IELTS. b) you need to compile documents like Grade Transcripts, Financial Statements, and Recommendations. c) The PVA (Pre-Visa Assessments) take a maximum of eight weeks. So you need to have your Letter of Offer from the institution to apply for the PVA. This is a time consuming process, therefore start early to procure your Letter of Offer so that you have enough time to fulfill the PVA formalities.