I wish to choose between Arts & History after my SSC. Kindly let me know the options.
As a historian, you can specialise in various areas like Ancient History (deals with pre-historic age and the early civilization generally from 5000 BC to 1000 AD), Medieval You can also specialise in various occupational areas like Archeology (Archaeologists identify historical site, excavate, study, analyze, interpret, and preserve historical remains), Epigraphy (study of inscriptions), Numismatics (analyze the coins), Archival science, Museologists are involved with forms and nature of museum collection. As a historian, you will mainly work in academic environment as researcher. Jobs in museums and historical survey organisations are very few. As a researcher, you will be involved in study and research. To get into a profession in History you will have to complete your graduation in Arts, with History as your major, and then complete your post graduation/ masters course in History/ Museology/ archeology etc depending on your specialization.