My name is rahul, I am in the 9th std, I have a confusion, I want to become an engineer, but my father wants me to become a surgeon, but I am not at all interested in becoming a doctor. What do I do? Please help me, and also inform me about engineering.
When you are planning a career, it becomes very important to be aware of your various options, keeping in mind, 1. Your abilities and potentials in a particular field, 2. Your interest, likes and dislikes and, 3. whether your personality matches with the career. Therefore, if you are not interested in medicine, then you will never excel in the field and hence not be successful, however if you have the interest as well as the ability for engineering, then the appropriate choice would be engineering. There are various fields in engineering, i.e., mechanical, electronic, electrical, telecommunication, computer science, bio medical, aeronautical, chemical etc. this will give you a broad spectrum of choices to select from, therefore before getting into engineering, please read about each of these careers. After your 10th you will have to apply for science, and then after 12th you will give a CET, and select your career path according to the selected field.