I am studying in Std 10th and I love automobile designing. Could you please give me guidance on how to go about pursuing this field as a career. What course should I opt for after my Board exams?
Automobile engineering is a specialised branch of mechanical engineering. You will dream up new vehicles and even new modes of transport. You will design them keeping in mind factors like performance, economy, comfort, maintenance, environmental impact and last but not the least - looks. If you specialise in any particular area you could use your knowledge to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems plaguing cars for decades. For instance, if engines are your forte then maybe you can come up with an engine that is more fuel-efficient or one, which runs on alternative fuels such as methanol or even water! At senior levels, you will be called upon to look after the production and quality control in massive assembly plants. Your job profile will also include marketing the finished product. You need to be mad about cars, bikes and the likes. Only then you will not be bored to the death learning the timing mechanisms of different engines. You need to have a good foundation in mathematics and physics. Good logical and problem solving skills are essential. You need to like working with tools, drawing complex sketches and conceptualising structures. You also need to be patient and perseverant. Education wise the best entry point is B.E in automobile engineering. You can pursue this after class 12. Alternatively you can do your diploma in automobile engineering after class 10 and then do your B. E. You can also do your B.E in mechanical engineering and then a master's in automobile engineering. Alternatively you can do your masters in mechanical engineering with automobiles as your area of specialisation. If you do your B.Sc. with Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics you can go on to do your B.Tech in automobiles. After doing your M.Sc. in Physics you could do your M.Tech in mechanical and automation technology. In these courses you will learn: Basic of Computer Science Mathematics Fluid Mechanics Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technical Drawing Welding Industrial Management & Road Transport Organisation Automobile Chassis and Engines