I want to be a genetic engineer? i've even targeted for iit-jee. I want to know that whether i'm right or not? also what other options do i've for my career in biotechnology? what are the procedures for applying for iit? where should i apply for my destiny? is there any specification of a particular branch? when are the exams of iit – jee for 2004 be held?
If you qualify in IIT-JEE, then you will have the option of doing a B. Tech in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering which may eventually lead you to a career in Genetic Engineering. So, yes, you are right about IIT-JEE. For being eligible for this B. Tech you must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in your 10+2. IIT-JEE is held in two stages now. IIT-JEE screening test and IIT-JEE final examination. The screening test will be held in December/ January and the final in May. For application, please look for detailed advertisement in the month of July/ August in all the leading daily newspapers in India. You have several options to pursue a career in Biotechnology. 1. You can do a B. E/ B. Tech in Biotechnology/ Biochemical Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering/ Chemical Engineering/ Food Technology/ Pharmaceutical Technology/ Dairy Technology/ Agricultural Engineering and then an M. Tech in Biotechnology or related subject. 2. You can do a B. Sc. in any Physical/ Bioscience/ Agricultural Science subject and then an M. Sc. in Biotechnology. 3. You can do an M. Sc. in any Bioscience/ Chemistry/ Physics/ Biophysics/ Biomedical Science and then do an M. Tech in Biotechnology/ Ph. D in Biotechnology or a related subject. 4. You can do a an M. E/ M. Tech in Chemical Engineering/ Food Technology/ Biomedical Technology/ related subject and then do a Ph. D in Biotechnology or a related subject. 5. You can do an MBBS/ Bachelor in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry/ BDS/ BHMS or related subject and then do an M. Sc./Ph. D in Biotechnology or related subject.