My name is Anamika Saxena. I want 2 know abt being an LIC agent. plz give me the addresses 2 contact & the posts & pay scales in this profession.
LIC has a career agent scheme whereby one is retained on a monthly pay of about Rs 2500. But this is the only secure and stable payment. Rest of the earnings of an agent is the commission he earns on premiums collected for different policies. So, there is no concept of pay scale as such in LIC. Your career growth as a LIC agent actually depends on your performance, that is, the number of policies and/or the amount of premiums you are collecting in a period. For details about recruitment of LIC Career agents, you get in touch with the regional head office of LIC in your region. You can even get in touch with the nearest branch of LIC in your city. For address of nearest branch, you can log on to: www.licindia.com