I have changed many jobs in 7 years and now I fell I am stagnating in my present job. What to do?
this kind of stagnancy comes to almost every one’s career. Don’t worry, you will definitely come out of this situation. There could be various reasons for this situation. It could be that you are not being able to present yourself appropriately through your resume and in the interviews. After all, in any job, what you do is selling yourself through the resume and through the interview. It could be that you do not have a clear and specific career goals and so you end up applying to every job without considering whether the requirements of the job matches your profile and background. This increases the chance of rejection. It could be that you fail to show how your experience in a variety of jobs has actually helped you to acquire an industry wide experience. First of all, set up clear and specific career goals. Analyze your work experience. Look into your past and find out in which of your past jobs you were very confortable; what was the job profile; what was the industry. Then analyse yourself and your performance over the last 7 years and find out your strengths and weakness, i.e., find out what you do best and what you can’t do. Then look into the job prospects of various industries, which may fit your background. See what are the requirements of the senior level jobs in marketing in these industries. Analyse which industry’s/ which job’s requirements are closest to your strengths. Based on your findings, you should set a clear career goal. Based on your goal, see whether you have all the skills required for the jobs you have your eyes on. If you do not have, acquire the skills. Attend management development programmes and seminars for learning and acquiring new skills. Emphasize your strength, your skills and abilities in your resume. Emphasize your achievements and learning in various jobs. Make your resume look different. In the interview, emphasize how your learning in the past jobs will help you to perform in the job for which you are giving the interview. Any career or any field can be lucrative from the point of view of how much money one can earn, except a few careers with statuatory authorities. The chances of earning a lot of money in a given field depend on your success, which is a result of the opportunities you get and your performance on the job. For example, a reputed film director may earn anything between Rs. 50 lakh to 1 crore a film; a good cardiac surgeon can earn Rs. 2 lakh a day; a reputed fashion designer can charge Rs. 1 lakh for designing a dress; a Chief Executive Officer of a large company may get Rs. 1 crore a year. In the case of Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering, your earning will depend on the company you are working for and the job position. Moreover, there are many jobs in the Information technology industry, like those in software development and those in hardware design, which are offered to both Computer and Electronics engineers. Large scale companies in the IT industry would pay you about Rs. 16,000 – 20,000 a month in the beginning whereas small-scale companies will pay you about Rs. 6,000 – 8,000 a month.