I am seeking information on jobs for women in the field of IT?
It is an equal opportunity employer and women have as many jobs to choose from as men. Here are some areas and companies where you can look forward to work Computer hardware design, development, and manufacturing companies like IBM, CISCO System, Hewlett Packard, Apple, etc. Operating and system software development companies like Microsoft, Sun, Computer Associates, CISCO Systems, Novel Netware, etc. Numerous Application and system software development companies as well as System Consultancy companies like Infosys, Satyam Computer Associates, HCL Infosystem, TCS, etc. Companies specialized in telecommunication, networking, which are developing telecommunication hardware and software like Synacar. User companies like HLL, Reliance, etc. and numerous medium and small scale companies. Other numerous user companies like a school, departmental store or an NGO. All the best for your future!!