Please provide with some insight into the MCA course?
Given below is a list of modules you would study in an M.C.A. course. Information Concepts And Processing: Evolution of information processing, data information language and communication. Elements of a computer processing system:Hardware - CPU, storage devices and media, VDU, input-output devices, data communication equipment.Software - System software, application software. Computers And Communication: Single user, multi-user, workstation, client server systems, computer networks, network protocols, LAN, WAN, Internet facilities through the HTML, elements of JAVA. Information integrity definition: Ensuring integrity & computer security, perverse software, concepts and components of security, Preventive measures and treatment. Range of computer applications: Scientific, business, educational, industrial, national level weather forecasting, remote sensing, Planning, multilingual applications. Performance Evaluation:SPEC marks, Transaction Processing Benchmarks. Introduction to algorithms:Flow charts, tracing flowcharts, problem-solving methods, Need for computer languages. Introduction to accounting: Principles, concepts & conventions, basic books of accounts of proprietary concern for debtors and creditors etc. Other modules include Computer Organization & Architecture Principles of Computer Design. Business Functions Computerized Inventory Control Data Processing Probability and Combinatorics Operating Systems Memory Management: Database Management Systems (DBMS) Computer Communication Networks Programming Languages Operating Systems. Introduction to Computer Networks Personal Computer Networks Basic Statistics PERT and CPM Software Life Cycle & Different Models: Test Planning, test strategy, Test coverage planned. Software Project Management: Internet Technologies Principles of Economics & Management and many other study modules