Please provide me with tips on how to succeed in life?
Success is a relative concept. What is success for one person may not be success for another. Some would say earning a lot of money is success. Some other would say being able to live peacefully is success and some other would say being able to do great work is success. So, you should first define what do you want as success. But in any case, most people would say success is being able to be in the right job. If you are in the right job, i.e., in the right career, you will be satisfied and would be motivated to give your best. This will help you perform better and better and in turn good performance will lead to career growth and money. So, in our opinion, you should choose the right career first. Ideally, you should choose the right career by the following steps: Step 1: Assess your true abilities, interests and personality. Take the help of professional career counselors. Step 2: Based on your abilities, interests and personality, make a primary list of careers, requirements for which match your profile. Step 3: Explore all the careers in your primary list. Learn about the job profiles, requirements, remuneration, prospects, how to develop your career, a typical day in the life of the professional. Interact with professionals working in the field, access information on the careers on the Internet, and from libraries, read as much as you can on the careers, attend career talks and seminars. Step 4: After you are fully aware about the careers in your primary list, select the one or two, which interest you most. And then do whatever is required to develop a career in your selected field. You can take the help of professional career counsellors in selecting the right career for you. They will guide you with assessment and career information.