Please provide information on jobs for married women as air hostess or any other opportunity in airport.
For married women, the as airhostess is not possible. While applying for a job as an airhostess, you must be unmarried. On the other hand, for the jobs at airport, there is no such requirement. There are many jobs in airport which women can do. There is no bar. Following are the examples: Customer service executives - they are at the desk of various airlines at the airport. There job is to handle customer queries, sell tickets, hand over boarding passes to customers, book their luggege and overall help them to board the plane comfortably. To be a customer service executive, you have to be a graduate preferebly within the age group of 23-27. You should have a pleasing personality, excellent communication skill in English and an attitude to help people. For application, please look for recruitment advertisements of the airlines in the leading daily newspapers. Air Traffic Controller - they direct and control movements of aircraft over the airport. They instruct a landing plane where to fly, when to land, weather conditions, etc. They also instruct the planes thar are taking off as to when to take off, etc. To be an Air Traffic Controller, you must have studied B. Sc. with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For application, please look for recruitment advertisements of the Airport Authority of India in the leading daily newspapers. We hope that the information has been useful to you. If you need more information, please feel free to write to us again anytime. Best wishes for a bright future|