After HSC (Science), what are the chances of getting into an Engineering degree
Chances depend on your performance in the HSC examination in case of admission to Engineering colleges in Maharashtra. For engineering colleges out of the State of Maharashtra, your chance will depend on your performance in the entrance examinations. As an eligibility condition for application for admission to engineering colleges in Maharashtra, you require to secure at least 50% in aggregate of Science subjects in HSC. But as a matter of fact, as the admission is made on the basis of a merit list, it is difficult to get a chance if you have just 50%. Your chance also depends on the stream in which you want take admission. For example, if you have got about 60% and look for admission into Computer Science and Engineering, your chance would be almost nil. Chances of getting into Computer Science and Engineering would be good if you secure more than, say, 90% marks. Whereas, you may get an admission to Civil Engineering, if you secure, say, 70% marks. Your chance also depends on the category of institute you seek admission. For example, it may be possible to get admission to Electronics Engineering in a ‘C’ grade institution, if you secure, say, 75% marks. But with these marks, you may not get a chance to Electronics Engineering in a ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade institute. So based on your aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you should draw out a probable streams of Engineering and a probable list of institutions where you may get admission.