I am a B. Sc. graduate in Electronics and would like to pursue higher studies through an Open University in Telecommunication. Does this course have a bright future and I also want a list of Open universities in India, which offer the Telecom course.
No Open University in India offers any course in Telecommunication for candidates with B. Sc. qualifications. Telecommunication industry does have a bright future and promises a large number of job opportunities. But most of the job opportunities will be for the Engineers. As a B. Sc. graduate in Electronics, the best step forward for you would be to complete your M. Sc. in Electronics. On the basis of your M. Sc. you can directly get a job in a company making telecommunication software. You can also acquire skills in networking and subsequently obtain certifications like CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) and CNE (Certified Network Engineer). This qualification will help you to get a job with a telecommunication service provider company as well as with a telecommunication software development company. If you want to maximise your opportunities in the telecommunication industry, then you can try to do an M. Tech after your M. Sc. in Electronics. A M. Tech course is for 1 and ½ years’ duration and you will have to qualify in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) examination.