I am studying in my final year of computers engineering. I wanted to know the difference between TOEFL and GRE? Do I need to take both to get an admission into a US college? What score will help me to get good scholarship? List a few universities in the east and west coast of USA.
GRE and TOEFL (IBT) are required by most universities in the US for admission to a masters program. TOEFL is an English proficiency test and a score of 100 (and above) out of 120 is considered good. The GRE tests verbal and quantitative skills and the maximum score that you can obtain in the GRE is 1600 (try to target 1200 and above). Scholarships are difficult and are given to deserving students after considering the entire application profile. Few of the universities are as follows: University of Southern California, University of California - Los Angeles, Boston University, Rutgers University, University of California Riverside, University Of California, Santa Barbara and University of California Irvine