I’m very found of toys. How to I work for the toy industry?
Many toy companies have realised that in order to survive they need to produce toys that are offbeat and original. Thus to meet industry demands, many institutes have started churning out courses in ‘Toy designing’ and those with the right qualifications are likely to succeed. There are a number of career paths to follow in order to become a toy designer. Some of them are: - 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Maths à B. Tech /B.EàPost Graduate Program in Toy Designing OR 10+2 with Maths à B. Architecture/ BCA/ BIT àPost Graduate Program in Toy Designing OR 10+2àBFA/ Applied Arts/ Interior Design/ Degree in Child development and Therapy or graduates with experience in allied areas à Post Graduate Program in Toy Designing The National Institute of Design and Toy Association of India offer courses in Toy designing.