I want certain information on becoming an Air-Hostess. 1) Is there a book to prepare for written test, paper pattern. Which languages are required, is swimming necessary, How to prepare for G.D. & Interviews. Can I apply directly to international Airlines and which papers carry the ads for being an airhostess?
There is no such book available in the market which gives you complete information on preparation for Air Hostess tests. Knowing how to swim is not necessary when you apply for a job but, once selected, you will need to learn swimming. There is no requirement as such for languages except that you should have knowledge of English and the regional langauge. Having said that, knowledge of foreign langauges will always help you. Please go through a lot of mock group discussion and interview sessions and if possible take up orientation in coaching classes. You will need to read through a lot of literature and general knowledge material and keep yourself updated on the happenings throughout the world. Avdertisements for Air Hostess appear in all leading newspapers as and when the vacancy arises. You can also approach International Airlines directly.