I am going to complete my MA with Economics this year. What are my options after that?
You can either look for a job or go for further academics. Job opportunities for an Economist: There are a lot of opportunities in diverse types of organizations like: - 1. Government services like Indian Economic Services and Reserve Bank of India 2. Banks 3. Development and Co- operative Banks 4. Public and private sector financial companies like UTI, IDBI, ICICI, IRBI, and LIC. 5. Corporate organisations other then the banks and financial companies 6. Business / Economic Newspapers, magazines, and journals like Economic Times, Business World, Business Today as well as in general newspapers like Times of India, Indian Express. 7. Export promotion Councils 8. Research Institutions and University departments 9. Various other Government departments and agencies Government departments like Census, various agencies and autonomous Institutions Labor Commissioner’s directorate, Planning and development organizations, etc. 10. Various Non-governmental organizations (NGO) Jobs are also available in the defence services to analyze comparative spending of different countries on defence, analyze the optimum use of resources on a warfront; or in a logistics company to study shortest and the cheapest mode of transport; in a pharmaceutical company to find the cost-benefit analysis of various medicines; and so on. Educational Opportunities: 1. Ph.D. in Economics in areas like Econometrics, Applied Economics, Agricultural Economics, Business Economics, Labour Economics, Publics Finance, Industrial Economics, International Economics, International Finance, Political Economics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Transport Economics. 2. M. Phil in Economics/Applied Economics 3. Fellowship (Doctorate) in Management 4. M. Phil/ Ph.D. in Developmental Studies 5. M. Phil in Planning & Development 6. Master in Population Studies 7. Master of Urban & Regional Planning 8. Master of Housing 9. Master of Environmental Planning