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New Zealand is a unique land of breathtaking scenery as craggy coastlines, golden beaches, lush rainforests, snow-capped mountains, bubbling volcanic pools, rivers jumping with rainbow trout, and glacier-fed lakes compete for attention; a landscape beautifully showcased in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Pair this with a thriving indigenous Maori culture, bustling cosmopolitan cities, traditional towns and friendly people, and you have an outstanding and unusual combination. New Zealand is a world leader in eco tourism, and has developed into one of the cleanest and greenest countries to visit.

Much of the plant and animal life is varied and unique, including the reclusive kiwi, fur seals, yellow-eyed penguins, Hooker's sea lions, dolphins and whales. Add world-renowned wines, wonderful cuisine, strolls on moody beaches, tramping through national parks and alpine tracks, bungee jumping, zorbing, caving and white-water rafting, and you have a wealth of thrilling experiences.

History and Culture
New Zealand, first settled by Polynesians (The Maori) in the 13th century, has a long history of conflict in total contrast to its current laid-back vibe.

The arrival of European explorer Abel Tasman in the late-18th century caused violent struggles with the native Maori off the coast of New Zealand. The next European to arrive was Captain James Cook, who charted the country’s coastline more than 100 years later, and was followed by European settlers and traders that arrived in search of a new life and greater wealth.

In 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi, a land ownership agreement between the British and the Maori was signed, transferring New Zealand to the British crown.

New Zealand became self-governing in 1852 and gained the status as a Dominion of the British Empire in 1907, granting it independence. Queen Elizabeth II remains the head of state, although the monarch has no active role in running the country.

Helen Clark became New Zealand's first woman prime minister in 1999. She was re-elected as prime minister for a third time in September 2005, and her coalition with the Progressive Party voted in a number of controversial measures. John Key won the last election in November 2008 with his National Party forming a minority government with the ACT and Maori Parties. As part of the British Commonwealth, New Zealand has tended to follow the UK and Australia with support in numerous wars over the years.

Social Conventions:
Should a visitor be invited to a formal Maori occasion, the hongi (pressing of noses) is common. Casual dress is widely acceptable. New Zealanders are generally very relaxed and hospitable. Stiff formality is rarely appreciated and, after introductions, first names are generally used. Smoking is restricted where indicated; it is banned in pubs and restaurants as well as on public transport or in public buildings.

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