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Actor Career Information

Glitz, glamour, glory and loads of money. That would be your life as an actor. If you have perfected that throaty crackle - a la Demi Moore, the famous Dev Anand swing and that unmistakable Dilip Kumar pause, you could try your hand at acting.

Make up on, dialogues ready, action…

What an Actor does

Abilities & Traits Required


Although, no one can actually teach an actor how to act, acting schools can hone your skills. You can join an acting course that teaches you everything from acting to riding and fighting.

Alternatively, you can join different classes like for instance Shiamak Davar for dancing and Ashok Kumar Academy for acting. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai – Institute for film, television and media arts- provides students with an artistic environment harnessing both creative and business skills to become future leaders of the film and television world.


A beginner can earn anything between Rs 20000-23000 per episode, on television. As your popularity soars, so does your pay cheque.

In the movies, a junior artist starts off with Rs 15,000. Once you get good recognition as an actor in the industry you could demand your price. Some actors get paid as much as Rs. 50000- per episode.

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