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Agriculture Engineering Career Information

What an Agriculture Engineering does

Abilities & Traits Required


To be an agricultural engineer, one should enjoy solving problems and have the ingenuity to envision new designs or solutions.

He must also understand physical and chemical principles well enough to apply them to solve problems. In College, courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, communications, computer science and economics, should be opted for.

Should be well-informed regarding the wide variety of engineering sciences like heat flow, environmental engineering, water movement, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, controls, properties of agricultural materials, engineering analysis, and engineering design.


The annual earnings of Agricultural Engineers are usually Rs. 300000 to Rs. 850000. The middle 50% earns between the range of Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 per month. The lowest income category in this sector, earns monthly about Rs.15 000 to Rs. 20000 while the monthly income of the highest paid category, is more than Rs. 65000.

According to a National Salary Survey of the Agricultural Engineers, bachelor’s degree candidates in agricultural engineering receives starting offers averaging Rs. 20000 and master’s degree candidates, on an average are offered Rs. 30000, depending on the candidate’s qualification and experience. Students opting for majors in Agriculture Engineering, start off on a decent salary which then builds up to a sizeable amount of money, in the later stages.

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