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Agriculturist Career Information

What an Agriculturist does

Abilities & Traits Required

• An inquisitive and explorative mind

• Interest in biological science

• Keen interest in agriculture

• Good memory

• Excellent ability to understand, assimilate, analyse and apply scientific facts and theories


• You have to be at least a BSc in Agricultural Science to get a job. To be eligible for BSc in agriculture after a 10+2 in Science, you are required to clear an entrance exam, which includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics

• After MSc in Agriculture you could get into Agricultural research. A PhD will ensure a very good career as an agricultural scientist


• In the farming and processing industry: Rs 18000- 35000 a month or more

• Research & Development position after MSc: Rs 18000-35000 a month

• Agricultural research after PhD: Rs 25000-45000 per month

• Lecturer: Rs 25000-45000 per month (starting salary)

• In a marketing function of an Agri company: Rs 25000-35000 or more per month, plus various allowances and incentives

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