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Air Hostess Career Information

What an Air Hostess does

Abilities & Traits Required


• Graduate in any discipline

• Diploma/degree in Hotel Management or Tourism Management is preferred.

• Prior experience in hotels or in the tourism industry will be the best

• Knowledge of one foreign language other than English, Hindi or other regional languages

• Below 25 years

If you possess the above qualities, you'll get a call for a written test from the airline. The test is fairly simple with multiple-choice objectives. After clearing the test you'll then be called for a group discussion followed by a personal interview.

Note: These are just the broad selection procedures. However, the eligibility criterion is different for different airlines. So make sure you check the requirements of the airline you apply to.


As an air hostess your designation your salary will depend on the airlines. Including salary and other allowance it may add up to Rs 25000-75000 or more per month.

Senior air hostess in Air India or Indian Airlines gets Rs 100000 per month.

Senior air hostess with foreign airlines gets Rs 200000 or more a month in Indian currency. Junior domestic hostesses get Rs 25000 a month.

The money scene is any day better in international airlines and as an air hostess you could earn a minimum of Rs 50000 per month if you're working with a reputed airline.

However, you must remember that you cannot fly for more than 72 hours in a month. So this would greatly limit the amount of money you can make, especially if you're flying with a not-so-reputed airline.

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