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Animation Career Information

What an Animator does

Abilities & Traits Required

For a bright career in animation you need:

  • A good hand at sketching

  • Strong imagination, visualisation, and illustration skills

  • Patience


"To make a mark in this line a course in animation is necessary. In fact a graduate course in Animation Design from an institution like National Institute of Design will help you to make a good beginning. When you join as a trainee, you get to learn more. It's all based on the strength of your drawing and imagination. What you essentially need is talent and a good knowledge of computer based animation packages.

However, these days, with the advent of powerful computers and software such as 3D Studio Max, Alias, etc, nearly all animation work is being done on the computer. What's more, animation is even taught to kids, as they grasp much faster and are more interested in animation as compared to adults.

If you are looking for a professional course in animation, beware of the numerous multimedia academies that offer to teach you animation. Most of them only teach you the bare technical basics and lack qualified, talented faculty. It is wise to ascertain the competence and experience of the faculty in teaching the software packages before signing up at any of those institutes.

You will do well if you have a graduate diploma in Visual Communication Design from National Institute of Design with specialisation in Animation Design/ Bachelor of Design from IIT-Guwahati/ Master of Design from IIT-Mumbai.


"As a fresher, you'll be expected to put in long hours of work for meager Rs 15000 – 18000 per month depending on your talent. However, once you have acquired the skill in using high-end animation software, the salary increases rapidly. It could be anything between Rs 20000 - 30000 a month.

There is good scope for freelancing. Here you could be drawing more than an experienced animator. Working as a professional in a studio or a firm as a freelancers, you can charge anything around Rs 50000 – 60000 or more for a 30 second film (depending on the animation required)."

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