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Anthropologist Career Information

Do you want to trace your roots back in History? Does everything old fascinate you? Are you curious to know how people in the olden ages lived - their ways and culture?

If you are the inquisitive kind with a quest for the unknown then you were born to be an Anthropologist.

What an Anthropologist does

Abilities & Traits Required


You need to have at least an MSc in Anthropology. However, a PhD Anthropology is preferred.

For BSc Anthropology, you must have cleared the intermediate level examination, with a background in science.


As an anthropologist your earnings could be:

• University Professor: Rs 30000-40000 per month (gross salary for beginners) and could rise up to Rs 25,000 a month.

• Government departments: Rs 25000 – Rs. 35000 per month in the beginning, inclusive of all allowances (starting salary)

• Anthropological Survey of India: Rs 30000 – Rs. 50000, exclusive of all allowances.

• A job abroad: $30,000-80,000 p.a.

Since almost all the jobs are government jobs, the salary may not be very exciting. But consider the job security and less job pressure.

Salaries in this field are hiked on the basis of experience. You can get a maximum salary of Rs 65000-75000 (as of the present scale) as a senior professor or in an equivalent rank.

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