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Archaeologist Career Information

Do you ever wonder how people in the medieval ages lived? Was History your favourite subject in school? Does everything old fascinate you?

If the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom left an everlasting impression on you, then you should consider being an archaeologist.

What an Archaeologist does

Abilities & Traits Required

First of all, you got to have a genuine interest in ancient culture and history. You need to be inquisitive (a probing nature), perceptive and willing to work hard. Good physical stamina is extremely important. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be artistically inclined.


You can take up Archaeology as one of the subjects at the BA level. For this you need to have studied History in your 12th. For an two-year MA you need to have completed your BA in Archaeology or other related areas.

You can also choose to do a two-year post graduate diploma course at the Institute of Archaeology after an MA/MSc in archaeology or anthropology or a Masters degree in medieval or Ancient Indian History. You will have to appear for an interview and written exam to enroll for this course. On being admitted you become eligible for a small stipend per month.

There are numerous institutions in India where you can pursue Archaeology. The Institute of Archaeology, in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India (Delhi) is the best.

The study of Archaeology involves both theory and training in the laboratories. A lot of stress is laid on fieldwork where students spend time excavating, analysing the relics and monuments, practice procedures of preserving the items and also drawing and photography.

Apart from the hard work involved it gives you the opportunity to see what the career has to offer before deciding on a particular area of interest.


Those employed by the Archaeological Survey of India are normally paid around:

Position Remuneration

Ass. Archaeologist Rs. 10000- 15000 per month

Director General Rs. 25000-35000 per month

This is the basic pay, with the recent revision in payscales and allowances the average monthly pay at entry level works out to be around Rs.20000-35000 per month.

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