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Artist Career Information

What an Artist does

Abilities & Traits Required

The most essential traits in this field are:

• Talent

• A strong desire to express your feelings in art form

• Dedication

• An eye for form

• Ability to utilise colours

• Creativity

• Originality

• Patience


History is rife with examples of self-schooled artists with no formal educational training who are both brilliant and innovative; unfortunately, history is also rife with examples of starving artists, dying in obscurity. Formal training in this field is becoming the norm.

You can go for a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA). It is a four-year degree programme segmented into two courses, namely Foundation course (1 year) and specialisation course (3 years). Further professional study can be pursued through a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) usually spanning over two years. Eligibility for BFA is HSC. You can also have a degree or diploma in Visual Arts.

Diploma in Fine Arts is another option.

You can specialise in Commercial Art and better your chances of getting a job. To better your prospects you should also learn computer technologies used in commercial designs these days."


Only a small number of artists can make a living by painting and sculpting alone. Though this profession doesn't pay too well the reason why people choose to join the unremunerative and very selective fine arts is because they love what they do.

Initially you'll have to start your career by presenting your works to people for free! You could exhibit your work in a gallery and earn anything between Rs 10000 – 15000 on an individual piece of work. Gradually, this could move on to the Rs 30000- 45000 bracket. Once your work is recognised then an individual piece could cost up to Rs 2 lakh or more.

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