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Automobile Engineer Career Information

What an Automobile Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required


Education wise the best entry point is BE Automobile engineering. You can pursue this after class 12. Alternatively you can do your diploma in automobile engineering after class 10 and then do your BE

You can also do your BE Mechanical Engineering and then a ME Automobile Engineering. Alternatively you can do your masters in mechanical engineering with automobiles as your area of specialisation.

If you do your BSc with Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics you can go on to do your BTech Automobiles. Or, after doing your MSc in Physics you could do your M.Tech in mechanical and automation technology.

In these courses you will learn basic of computer science, mathematics fluid mechanics, basic electrical & electronics engineering, technical drawing, welding, industrial management & road transport organisation, automobile chassis and engines.


Starting salaries are in the range of Rs 25000-35000 per month for degree holders and Rs 18000-25000 per month for diploma holders who are taken in as trainees.

Customer support engineers make anywhere between Rs 18000-25000 and as service managers take home around Rs 20000-35000. With around 5-7 years experience your pay packet salary will touch the Rs 25000-30000.

Marketing pays much better because of the fat commissions attached to you pay packet.

If you undertake customisation projects, you can charge any where between Rs 15000 - 150000 per project.

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