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Ayurvedic Doctor Career Information

What an Ayurvedic Doctor does

Abilities & Traits Required


To become a practitioner, a bachelor's degree is a must. Only then can one procure the certificate for beginning practice.

The condition of eligibility for entry to most colleges is a plus two pass with physics, chemistry and biology. A candidate should also be proficient in Hindi and the regional language that is the medium of instruction.

Another condition to be fulfilled is that candidates seeking admission to the main ayurvedic courses should have completed 17 years as of October 1 of the year of application.

The duration of study for the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (Ayurvedacharya) is five and half years, including one year of internship. The 10+2 students with Science Group are eligible for taking admissions in the degree course.

The Post Graduate degree is awarded in the following subjects:

• Ayurved Sidhant & Darshan Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurved Sidhant)

• Samhita` Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Samhita)

• Rachna Sharir Ayurved Vachaspati -MD (Rachna Sharir)

• Kriya Sharir Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Dosh, Dhatu, Mal vigyan) (Kriya Sharir)

• Dravyagun Vigyan Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Drivyaguna)

• Ras Shastra Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ras Shastra)

• Bhaishjya Kalpana Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Bhaishjya Kalpana)

• Prasuti Tantra & Stri Rog Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Prasuti Tantra & Stri Rog)

• Kumar Bhritya Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Kumar Bhritya)

• Kayachikitsa Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Kayachikitsa)

• Rog Nidan Ayurved Vachaspati - MD Vikriti Vigyan (Rog Nidan)

• Ayurved Manovigyan Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Ayurved Manovigyan)

• Swasthya Vritta Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Swasthya Vr itta)

• Shalya Tantra Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Shalya Tantra)

• Shalakya Tantra Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Shalakya Tantra)

• Panchkarma Ayurved Vachaspati - MD (Panchkarma)

There is the possibility of a doctoral study, Ayurvedavidyavariddhi, too. In the last 50 years of development in the teaching and training, it has developed into following sixteen specialties.

• Ayurveda Siddhanta (Fundamental Principals of Ayurveda)

• Ayurveda Samhita

• Rachna Sharira (Anatomy)

• Kriya Sharira (Physiology)

• Dravya Guna Vigian (Materia Medica & Pharmacology)

• Ras-shastra

• Bhaishajya Kalpana (Pharmaceuticals)

• Kaumar Bharitya (Peduatrics)

• Prasuti Tantra (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

• Swasth-Vritla (Social & Preventive Medicine)

• Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine)

• Rog Nidan (Pathology)

• Shalya Tantra (Surgery)

• Shalkya Tantra (Eye & ENT)

• Mano-Roga (Psychiatry)

• Panchkarma

Ayurvedic doctors should be prepared for competition from practitioners of other systems. There is also the threat of some rare herbs becoming extinct and a long-range threat of depleting forest wealth.


Money depends on the practitioner's skills, reputation and locality of practice. Doctors who have just started their careers or are yet to establish themselves can earn approximately Rs 600 per day.

Once you have established your own reputation, your earnings per day can go up to Rs 7000 a day. Established Ayurvedic doctors can charge a whopping Rs 800 per person for every visit.

The doctor, of course, determines the number of patients he can see in a day. Apart from consultation fees, money is also charged for the medicines, depending on the ailment.

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