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Bioinformatics Specialist Career Information

What a Bioinformatics Specialist does

Abilities & Traits Required


You would need to have sound knowledge of molecular biology and Knowledge of UNIX/Linux the operating system used for many computational biology programs.

Academically, you have two options to enter the field of Bio-informatics. You can be a Biological Scientist who likes computers or a computer geek who is fascinated by the living world. However this is a very specialised area of study. So you need to do specific courses in Bio-infomatics.

A course in bioinformatics is suitable for those with a graduation or post-graduation in molecular biology, chemistry, genetics, pharmacy, microbiology, veterinary sciences, physics, mathematics, and also engineers, IT professionals, PhD's and medicos.

Knowledge of programming languages such as Perl or Python, which are popular in the field of Bioinformatics will be helpful. You will learn to develop scientific software for biologists. This will include Computer Programming, Computer Graphics as well as simulation and modelling structures related to chemistry and biology.

The Bioinfomatics Centre at Pune is one such institute offering a post graduate programme. For this course, you need to have a Post Graduate Degree in any Science Faculty, MVSc, MSc (Agriculture), MPharm., MBBS or MD. People with ME, BTech, MCA or BE degrees are also eligible for this course.


Salary packages in the field of Bio-informatics, depend on the capability and experience of the person. Starting salaries can be anywhere from Rs 10000-20000 per month. The salaries offered can start from Rs 180000 -200000 per annum and can reach as high as Rs 1200000-1500000 per annum based on the experience and type of skills.

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