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Biochemist Career Information

What a Biochemist does

Abilities & Traits Required


Any one of these qualifications will lead you to a career in Biochemistry:

• MSc/PhD in Biochemistry

• MSc/PhD in Molecular Biology

• MSc/PhD in Biotechnology or Genetics

• MD in Biochemistry

• MSc/PhD in Medical Biochemistry

• MSc/ PhD in Biomedical Science

• MPharm/ PhD in Biochemistry

• MSc/PhD in Agricultural Sciences with specialisation in Biochemistry


Your remuneration depends on the organisation you work for. In university departments and research organisations, you will start at Rs 20000-25000 a month as a faculty member or as a junior scientist. You will get about Rs 15000 a month as a research assistant or research scholar.

The maximum remuneration you can earn in these organisations is above Rs 40000 –50000 as per the present scale.

In industries, you may have to start with a slightly lower salary but eventually you will earn much more than those in academic fields. You will begin with about Rs 20000-25000 a month. In senior positions, you could earn anywhere between Rs 50000 -70000 a month.

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