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Biologist Career Information

What a Biologist does

Abilities & Traits Required


To become a biologist, the basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in life sciences like zoology, botany, biotechnology etc. You can pursue a master’s degree course in the same. If you are interested in doing further studies after your master’s degree, you can opt for a PhD program in the same.


Salary for a Biologist varies depending on the educational qualification and experience. It also depends on the area of specialization and nature of work. Biologist who are employed by research and development departments can earn handsome packages. Initially, they can expect a salary of Rs.12000 -18000 per month. However, after 5-7 years, they can expect much better salaries.

It is worthwhile to mention that biologist who are employed by big organization abroad can expect more than Rs. 75000 per month.

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