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Biotechnologist Career Information

What makes a flower yellow or pink? How corn stalks grow taller? Do you want to be at the forefront of developing new drugs, foods with enhanced nutrition and crops that can fight off pests? Or simply create another Dolly? Then read on…

What a Biotechnologist does

Abilities & Traits Required


Academically, you should have a qualification in Biotechnology or other fields like Bioscience, Medical science, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Agricultural Science, Veterinary Science, Medical Biology, Bioprocess Engineering and other related fields.

BSc Biotechnology should be supplemented with MSc for strong career prospects in biotechnology while BTech may lead directly to industrial openings. One also has the option of trying the 5 year integrated MSc Biotechnology being offered by some universities including Pune University.

One can also pursue a MBA in biotechnology after graduation or post graduation in science. This is currently being offered by the University of Pune, Department of Management studies (PUMBA)


• Research positions in a large-scale biotech company: Rs 20000 -25000 per month or more if you are a PhD

• With 3-4 years of post-PhD experience: Rs 35000-50000 a month plus other benefits

• Trainee in Research and development department (MSc.): Rs 18000 – 25000 per month

• MTech in biotechnology: Rs 16000 - 25000 a month (starting salary)

• With an MSc, in bioprocess: Rs 25000 - 35000 per month

• If you join a university department/college after MSc as a Research Fellow, you will get Rs 18000 - 25000 plus other benefits like HRA, Contingency allowance, etc

• If you join as a Research Assistant, you will get about Rs 20000 - 35000 per month as the starting salary

• In a university/college after M.Sc. as a faculty member (Lecturer): Rs 25000-35000 a month

• A BSc in Biotech/Microbiology/Biochemistry or any related subject can get a job as an assistant in the quality control/analytical department, with a starting salary of about Rs 18000-25000 a month

• If you are looking at sales and marketing you will be get Rs 25000-35000 plus travelling allowance and incentives

• After MSc, you will have to start with Rs 25000 - 45000 per month. After BTech/MTech you'll take home Rs 25000-35000 a month to begin with

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