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Chef Career Information

What a Chef does

Abilities & Traits Required


To become a chef one can go in for courses in food processing, catering technology and any other relevant course. This is one field where skills of a person who has not had any formal training in the area may be superior to that of a trained chef. The proof of the pudding, so to say, is in the eating.


During the trainee period, you get paid a stipend of Rs 1000 that does not even cover your to and fro travel cost but you learn the tricks of the trade. If you do well, you may be offered a job -- at Rs 25000-45000 per month! With 2-3 years of experience you will be drawing around Rs 25000-55000.

Chefs with 10 years of experience earn between Rs 25000-50000. After a stint as a chef abroad in a hotel or on a cruise liner you could easily make about Rs 40000-60000 a month.

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