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Chemical Engineer Career Information

Do you love to work with chemicals? Are mathematics, physics and chemistry your favourite subjects? Then this is an interesting field for you.

Let's see what's in store for you as a chemical engineer.

What a Chemical Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required

Strong technical ability, communication skills and high motivation are equally important characteristics for a successful engineer in today's competitive and demanding workplace.

You need to be a creative problem solver who enjoys great diversity in your work.


In order to qualify as a chemical engineer you need to have a BE Chemical Engineering, BTech Chemical Engineering, ME Chemical Engineering or MTech Chemical Engineering. There are both degree as well as diploma courses. If you want to make an early beginning you can choose this route. After 10th you can do a three-year diploma course. After this course you have two options. Join an engineering firm straightaway or enroll for a three-year degree programme, which will enhance your job prospects.

There is another way. Instead of jumping into a diploma after 10th, you could study science (with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) all the way up to 12th and then enroll for a four-year degree course in chemical engineering. Both ways, the number of years equal to six years (10+3+3 or 10+2+4). The degree awarded will be BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or BTech (Bachelor of Technology).

The Chemical Engineering curriculum is a strong combination of both theoretical and practical coursework. You first need to build a strong foundation in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. You will then learn to apply this knowledge to the practice of chemical engineering, including heat and mass transfer, unit operations, chemical reaction engineering, process control, modeling and simulation, economics, and plant design.


Majority of the chemical engineers are employed in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. And all these industries pay really good salaries to their employees. All you need is a Bachelors degree in Chemical engineering.

If you are employed at a chemical plant you start off at Rs 15000 – 20000 a month while FMCG companies such as P&G pay between Rs 35000 - 40000 a month. Senior engineers can earn anywhere in between Rs 50000 - 75000 a month.

Of course you can always join the teacher's brigade in various schools and colleges. With the introduction of the Seventh Pay Commission, the salaries for teachers are really looking up. Lecturers in colleges get a starting salary of about Rs 45000-65000 a month.

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