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Client Service Executive Career Information

What a Client Service Executive does

Abilities & Traits Required


Educational & Professional Background of a Client Service Executive:

To get into client servicing/Account Planning Department of an ad agency you need to be a:

• MBA from a reputed institute

• Post Graduation in Advertising or communication with specialisation in Account Planning/Client Servicing

• Graduate or postgraduates in Liberal Arts or any subject

• Experienced marketing professional with experience in product Management or Marketing Management

• Experienced Marketing/Business Consultants


Client Service Executive with MBA background from a reputed institute can expect Rs 240000 - 450000 or more per annum, as starting salary in big agencies and large companies. Medium size agencies and companies would pay approximately Rs 120000 – 175000. Small sized agencies and companies would be willing to shell out Rs 80,000 – 120000 as a starting salary.

Junior Account Executive in big agencies is likely to earn Rs 300000 - 350000 per annum. Senior Executive earn around Rs 600000 p.a in big agencies plus perks like a car. An Account Supervisor earns almost as same as a Senior Executive. Vice President/Account Director: Rs 800000 - 1200000 per year plus perks.

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