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Clinical Researcher Career Information

What a Clinical Researcher does

Abilities & Traits Required

• Reading Comprehension

• Active Listening

• Writing

• Coordination

• Critical Thinking

• Monitoring

• Judgment and Decision Making

• Time Management


You need to hold a BSc degree to become a clinical researcher. This particular industry requires science graduates from medicine, biosciences and pharmacy. Certain branches of biosciences like botany, zoology, biochemistry and genetics are best suited for a career in clinical research.

Almost all institutes that offer training in clinical research conduct programs like diploma and post-graduation. Only a few institutes offer PhD programs in clinical research.

There are many clinical research institutes in India. However, it is suggested that you choose the one that is sponsored by the pharmaceutical organizations.


3 lakhs or more per annum is the average salary for a fresher in this field. However, if you are a master’s degree holder, you can expect double the amount mentioned.

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