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Computer Engineer Career Information

Are you good at mathematics? Does your logical reasoning skills rival those of Mr. Spock from Star Trek? Well then maybe you are cut out to do well in the field of computer engineering.

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What a Computer Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required

You need to have an interest in Science, very strong mathematical and computing abilities as well as strong analytical abilities.

Good communications and interpersonal skills is also necessary.


Bachelor's degree in engineering is the basic qualification needed to be a computer engineer. Usually employers prefer graduates with computer science, computer information systems, computer engineering, computer programming, electrical engineering, or other computer-related fields.

Masters degree in engineering will help enhance your prospects in the field.


Computer engineers get about Rs 25000-35000 per month in the beginning depending on the company. Opportunities for earning are very good. A senior Computer Engineer can earn about Rs 70000-80000 or more a month. Salaries in jobs abroad are higher when converted into Indian currency.

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