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Copy Writer Career Information

Do you want to create punch lines like "Chal Meri Luna" or "Dum Laga Ke Haisha," or another "Lalitaji"? How about putting words in people's mouths? If you love languages and have a whacky sense of humour, this is your haven.

What a Copy Writer does

Abilities & Traits Required


Actually copywriting is a creative job and as such you don't need a degree or diploma to enter this field. Most people in the advertising fraternity will tell you that they don't have an educational background in advertising.

In fact people like Bharat Dhabolkar and Prahlad Kakkad never even planned a career in advertising - it just happened to them. The only qualification you need is creativity and no school will ever teach you that. Of course if you have that creative streak in you, they will polish it for you.

Various institutes offer graduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in advertising and Mass Communication. You can even opt for a course in creative writing.


Well, sky is the limit. But you have to start literally from scratch. Most agencies will pay you a paltry sum to begin with. In some agencies, it can be as low as Rs 10000 a month! Though the starting salary for a creative genius like you is low, take heart. If you prove yourself you can earn as much as Rs 50000 or more a month.

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