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Cosmetologist Career Information

There are few relationships as intimate as that between a beautician a.k.a cosmetologist and client. If you wish to work closely with people and flex your creative muscle you got to a cosmetologist. That way you can help people make the most of their natural resources! Come join us…

What a Cosmetologist does

Abilities & Traits Required


There are many private vocational schools that offer classes in cosmetology. These are mostly run by reputed salons. Full-time programmes in cosmetology usually last 10 to 24 months. These include classroom study, demonstrations, and practical work. There is no eligibility criterion for admission.

Cosmetologists are also trained in communication, sales, and general business practices. There are advanced courses for cosmetologists in hairstyling and colouring. Most schools teach hairstyling of men's as well as women's hair.

Industry insiders recommend visiting several salons prior to beginning your career in Cosmetology, just to get a feel for the industry, whether or not it works for you. Employment in a professional salon, rather than starting on your own, provides more benefits and stability in the long term


Cosmetologists usually receive a monthly salary. Apart from that they also get tips and many receive commissions on the products they sell.

A number of factors determine the earnings of a cosmetologist. These include the size and location of the salon, the number of hours worked, customers' tipping habits, and the competition from other salons.

A cosmetologist's initiative and ability to attract and hold regular clients also are key factors in determining their earnings.

Earnings for entry-level workers are usually low; however, for those who stay in the profession, earnings can be considerably higher.

For starters, a make-up artist can command around Rs 1500-2500 for a day's work on an advertising campaign. For a modelling assignment, emoluments would be higher at around Rs 10000-35000.

Top-of-the-line professionals command higher rate. With experience, a cosmetologists can charge as much as Rs.50000-60000 for a single bridal makeup.

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