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Curator Career Information

Have you ever been to a museum and been fascinated by the manner in which ancient treasures and artifacts have been preserved? Do you take great pride in India's historical and cultural background? Well then you can preserve this interest by becoming a curator!

What a Curator does

Abilities & Traits Required


So let's get to the academics part. At the least you need to have a master's degree in Museology or Museum Science. These are offered at select institutes such as National Museology Institute of Delhi, MS University, Baroda, etc. The other alternative is to do masters in a relevant subject say History or Anthropology. Ideally you should have a double master's.


Most of the museums in India are government-owned. Your salary structure will be along the lines of a college professor, which going by the current scale is not bad. Starting salaries are in the range of Rs 18000 - 25000 and can work its way up to Rs 35000-45000 a month. More than money it is the recognition of peers that most curators crave for.

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