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Dentist Career Information

What a Dentist does

Abilities & Traits Required

Analytical and logical reasoning skill should be above average

• Good scientific reasoning skill

• Ability to memorise and recall scientific facts

• Investigative personality

• Hardworking and patient

• Cool temperament


As a dentist, you need at least a BDS degree to practice dentistry. If you want your career to grow, then you will have to be a specialist with an MDS degree.

After the mandatory one-year internship you can enroll with the Dental Association of India based in Delhi if you want to set up your own practice.

Keeping up with the trends in other medical sciences and a specialization in the Postgraduate level will make your prospects better.


Orthodontics is one of the most lucrative branches of Dentistry as people these days are more appearance conscious.

But Dentistry is a game of experience and how well you manage to establish yourself. You'll begin as an apprentice with an established dentist for a pittance. But before we have one less dentist in the world, let me tell you that the pay increases with experience.

Once you earn a reputation as a orthodontist you could be charging anywhere between Rs. 600 to a few thousand rupees per patient in general and if you have private clinic, then the money can be much more. Basically your income eventually will depend on the number of patients you have.

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