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Detective Career Information

What a Detective does

Abilities & Traits Required


As a detective, you should at least be a graduate in any stream.

To be in the Police force, you must be at least 160 cm. in height with corresponding weight, your chest should at least measure 78.8 cm. after expansion.

In Central Bureau of Investigation, your height should at least be 5 ft. 6 inch with corresponding weight and chest should measure at least 32 inch after expansion.


Private agencies may initially offer you payment on assignment basis. After you are tested for 3-4 months, you may be offered a salary of Rs.20000-30000/- plus other expenses.

In State or City Police Forces, your gross starting salary and other allowances will be around Rs.15000-25000/- per month. In Central Services, your gross starting salary and other allowance will be around Rs.20000-30000/- per month.

IPS Officers draw about Rs.15000-40000/- per month in the beginning.

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