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Doctor Career Information

Perhaps, no other professional in the world gets as much respect as a doctor. And we all know the kind of money they make specially the specialists. But that's only the upfront.

What a Doctor does

Abilities & Traits Required


To practise as a doctor you got to have at least an MBBS degree. After MBBS you can go for a specialisation in MD/MS (Doctor of Medicine/Master of Surgery).

One emerging lucrative field is sports medicine. In India, sports medicine is taught at the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala.

If you want to super specialise, then you have to do a DM (Diploma in Medicine, actually a Post-doctoral level course)/ MD/M.Ch. (Master of Chiropractor)/MS.

Alternatively, you can do a diploma in a particular speciality after your MBBS. You could attempt examinations for becoming a Diplomat of National Board (which offers certificates equivalent to MD/MS).

You can venture out to UK for FRCS (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeon) or MRCP (Member of Royal College of Physicians) or related qualification after your MBBS.

Similarly, you can also go to USA after your MBBS/MD/MS to obtain a specialised certificate or diploma. All these will better your career prospects.


As a Doctor, you have to make a very humble beginning once you pass your MBBS. You will have to work as an intern (what they call a rotating intern meaning that you will be assigned duties in multiple departments) for a year to get your registration with the Medical Council of India. As an intern, you'll earn a stipend in the range of Rs 5000-13500 a month. Registration is a must; otherwise you will not be able to practice.

Then you will have to be a House Staff/Junior Doctor in a hospital or other health care establishment with a salary ranging of Rs 25000-30000 a month. If you get a job in a medical college as a Clinical Assistant, then you can expect to get Rs 20000 a month.

But after this period is over, you can look forward to a rising income curve. After completing MD/MS, you can get a job as a Medical Officer/Senior House Staff/ Senior resident. This again depends on whether you are just doing a job or enrolled in a super specialization course like DM/M.Ch. Salary in these jobs will be about Rs 35000 –50000 gross per month to start with.

A job in a medical college as a Clinical Tutor will fetch you about Rs 15000-30000 per month. In corporate hospitals and other private healthcare establishments, you can expect a higher salary after your MD/MS. If you are a Surgeon, you will get allowance for conducting surgery or assisting a senior surgeon. After your super specialization, your salary will shoot up to Rs 30000 – 50000 a month.

Of course, corporate and private healthcare establishments pay you much more depending on your specialization and years of experience. You can expect anywhere between Rs 40000 - 70000 a month.

Thereafter, everything depends on your performance and reputation. If you build up a reputation, your earnings will be substantial. A senior doctor in a corporate hospital can get anywhere between Rs 10 - 12 lakhs a year. In a government hospital, you will get about Rs 40000-50000 a month.

The minimum, a good specialist (with a few years of experience) working with a club team would earn is Rs. 50000/- to 60000/- a month.

In a pharmaceutical company your pay will be in the range of Rs 25000-60000 or more a month.

After you make a name for yourself you will be working in several establishments and your gross earning can be more than Rs 1 lakh a month. A super specialty surgeon can mint as much as Rs 1 lakh or more in a single day and build a few crores a year!

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