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Dubbing Artist Career Information

Dubbing Artists act through their voices, they even have fans, but Dubbing Artists do not have to be good-looking or born with a great body.

What a Dubbing Artist does

Abilities & Traits Required


No special degree or diploma required for this career. You need to have a great skill of modulating your voice, clarity and accurate pronunciation. You also need to have good dialogue delivery and lip sync ability.

However, due to recent demand in the industry, there are few certificate courses and workshops available.


Voicing/dubbing is a field that offers extreme flexibility, a great deal of choice and independence. As a Dubbing Artist, you could venture into a career in voicing while purchasing a vacation far removed from television or radio.

As a Dubbing Artist you could lend his/her voice to documentaries, programmes or ad films in English, Hindi or any other language.

In TV serials, dubbing artistes are paid about Rs. 1000/- per episode, but depending on the artiste’s capability and the length and complexity of the role, Dubbing Artists command as much as Rs. 10000/- per episode.

In films you can make as much as Rs. 75000/- by lending your voice to a single character on the screen, if you are really good.

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