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Economist Career Information

Maths was your favourite subject in school and logic your middle name. You have that uncanny knack of interpreting numbers. Interested in the way our world operates? Then, welcome to career as an Economist.

What an Economist does

Abilities & Traits Required


One can study Economics at an undergraduate level as BA/BSc with Economics, BCom or BBA. If you think a Masters degree in Economics is a lot of studies then don’t waste your time reading any further.

That's the minimum requirement to make a good start in this field. Of course, a PhD will be the top of the tops. You see, Economics, be it theoretical or applied, is a research-based field. Economists spend their entire professional lives just studying and researching.

As an Economist, you can also do a PhD/Fellowship in Management in the field of Managerial Economics or Applied Economics for a good career in research. Even a Masters degree in Business Economics is not bad. MSc (Agriculture) students can also specialise in Agricultural Economics for a career as an Agricultural Economist.


Talking about Economics, how can we forget the moolah?

Well, it depends on your qualifications and the kind of organisation you get into.

• MSc /MA in Economics: Rs 15000 - 18000 a month, except in a faculty position in a university or institute

• Lecturer in a university, institute, or college: Rs 18000 a month to begin with

• PhD: Rs 20000 - 22000

• NGOs: Rs 15000 - 17000 per month in the beginning

• Salaries in the corporate and private sector banks: Rs 20000 - 25000 a month for beginners

• 4-5 years of experience: Rs 40000 - 60000 a month

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