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Electronic Journalism Career Information

Today when the world is shrinking all thanks to modern means of communication, speed is everything. It’s not the age when you wait for the latest news through your morning newspapers. Instead it is available to you through the electronic medium of television, radio and Internet.

What an Electronic Journalism does

Abilities & Traits Required


Bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree in journalism/mass communication is required to pursue a career in this field. Additional course work, specialized training or experience, fieldwork or internship increases one's opportunities in the field. There are a number of universities and institutes offering training in journalism.


The Electronic Media definitely pays better than the print media. With wide ranges of jobs available in television, radio and web, the choices for the journalists are plenty.

The remuneration in this sector depends on the field of specialization, medium and the company one is working for. One can even freelance articles and earn Rs 5 – 10 per word.

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