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Electronics Engineer Career Information

Did you as a child disassemble electronic toys and try to put them back again? Do you enjoy assembling small transistor radios using knocked down kits.

If the answer to these questions is yes then you should be looking at a career as an electronics engineer.

What an Electronics Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required


Electronics engineers need to have a broad knowledge of physics, mechanics, electronics, maths and computers. A diploma (After 10th) in electronics engineering is the minimum qualification to enter this field. Of course, a Bachelors (BE or BTech after 12th in science with Physics, Chemistry and Maths) degree in the above stream will make your prospects better. To be in research and development, you will need a Masters degree.

Continuing education is important, as you need to keep up with the improvements in technology that is taking place. You therefore need to read periodicals, books and look on the Internet to keep yourself informed


Starting salary is in the range of Rs 30000-40000 per month. Salaries for diploma holders are in the range of Rs 15000-25000 per month.

Most companies have training programmes for their engineers. So you may even get to go to a reputed university abroad to specialise in a particular area at your company's cost.

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